Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Classroom Prep

I have been heading into my classroom since Monday...the kiddos won't show up until August 6th.
Here's what the hallway outside my door looks like....I will put the kiddos names on the same owls.  Owls are very popular right now....and I just think they are super cute!

  I have been doing some fun prep things at home as well...These are going to be my students reading eyes/ space man.  This helps those little angels that don't like to follow along with their finger while we are reading.  It also helps the kids that forgettheirspaces between their words.

 had to dye 

I also made a calm down bottle...I got the inspiration after I saw this on Pinterest.  I suppose it's okay if the glitter settles on the top and the bottom.  I may or may not have washed a ton of glitter down my sink in the process of making this.

I am pretty overwhelmed with all of things I need to do.  I find myself gravitating towards the fun things...and leaving the not so fun  more necessary and essential things for last. How is your classroom coming along?

Thanks for reading!  Apple on!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Organizing Electronic Files

I will be going into my classroom next week! So while I am waiting and (somewhat) eagerly anticipating that event I have been organizing my electronic files. Which has turned out to more of a disaster than I had expected. Last year we began teaching common core and I just let my files go. I really didn't pay any attention as to where I put them or what I named them. I am surely paying the price now! Here's what I started with...

Now these are three standard jump drives...yes I have gone through three! I can guarantee you there are more hiding somewhere in a drawer that I have used. I use these little suckers EVERY SINGLE DAY for EVERYTHING. I have become very dependent on them and my relationship with my jump drives could be comparable to a parasite and host being the parasite that is. I have one or all three of these jump drives in my purse at all times, even during the summer.

My loving husband understands my dependency so much (probably because he has seen my epic freakouts over lost materials) that he bought me a device that is MUCH more efficient and that I can store files to my heart's desire. I present to you my PHD (personal hard drive)!

This device is about 50 times more efficient than a jump drive. They cost about $60 to $80. While that may seem steep I believe it is worth it.

On to the organizing....

First I transferred all my files from my jump drive to my PHD. Then I have begun the long strenuous task of reorganizing my files according to the common core standards. I have also been renaming files so they are easily recognizable and they can live with each other in a folder. I hope to keep up on this throughout the school year. So I want to know....

How do you organize your electronic files? What devices do you use?

Thanks for reading! Keep calm and apple on!