Sunday School Handouts

I have the privilege of teaching the youth (what we call ages 12 to 18) of my church. In 2013 I taught a large group of 13 to 15 year old youth.  Currently, I teach a small group of 12 to 13 year old youth.  My lessons are about 45 minutes, once a week, each Sunday.  Each lesson is based on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints curriculum called "Come Follow Me." The following pictures include the question that guides lesson discussion and the fun handout.  Handouts are one of the little extra things that I like to do for my students.  I often find ideas on Pinterest or on other websites. I have tried to cite all sources that I have used. Enjoy and if you have any questions about a handout or the curriculum feel free to email me at any time!
 Idea found all over can be done with various types of chewy candy. 
Get your handout here.
 Handout from SugarDoodle.

 Hershey scripture tutorial found here

 Get the bag topper here. Bee/ 'Honeycomb' idea found here.

 Compasses from the Dollar Tree. Get your handout here.

 Apples made out of chocolate using a silicone mold.

Ipod handout was made on my silhouette Cameo and backed it with a rice crispy treat. 
Get the quote here.

Blue Gatorade and suckers...farewell gift to students moving up to the next class.

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