Monday, October 6, 2014

"EYE" love AR

Remember when I posted this picture on Instagram and promised a blog post later that week???

 Yeah...apparently I forgot too! I have been busy, busy, busy at my new school and getting back into teaching after a year off.  I can't even express in any way shape or form how much I LOVE teaching again.  I am exhausted and sometimes feel like I don't know what I'm doing but I LOVE my kiddos and LOVE my school!

Back to the reason for this post...Accelerated Reading!  Do you use AR?  My students love AR and I love the ease that the program provides for me. I wanted to reward my student's efforts for those AR points every time they take a quiz so I came up "Eye Love AR." It is a freebie in my TPT store!  I hope you love it! Thanks for following this little on!!!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

"...we teach anyway..."

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm headed off to my classroom for a busy afternoon.  I will be doing some decorating!  One of the things I will hang in my room is this quote...

Have you ever heard of "Ted Talks"? It is a nonprofit organization that likes to share ideas about many, many topics.  While I was at a training last month, one of the videos we watched was a talk by Rita Pierson.  She is funny and soooooooo down to earth about teaching. Watch the will love it! Here are the quote posters in different colors and two sizes (8X10 and 5X7).  You can get your poster here!  Enjoy!

Apple on!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

My summer is over...but I'm okay with it!

Hey!  I'm back.  You could say that I went on a little blogging hiatus but I'm here with lots of news for you!

First up...I made my first set of fonts and they are available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There are six fonts total for now.  I know the price seems high but I plan to add four more fonts before summer ends for a total of ten fonts.  Please enjoy!

Next and my most exciting piece of news...I got a job!  I will be teaching again in August!  This year off has been exactly what I needed for many reasons.  I have felt the desire to teach again very strongly but I only felt it after this certain teaching job was mentioned to me.  It feels like that first experience when I discovered I wanted to become a teacher (see here) so I am very excited!  I will be teaching a 1st/ 2nd combo at a charter school. I am nervous but I know I have some time to prepare for my new class. For the last four weeks I have been working as a teacher's aide at this school and have really gotten that inside look to see what this school is like. My short experience as an aide will definitely help me out at the end of the year next year! And now you know why my summer is over and understand my blog title!

Finally, since I left my teaching job in Tucson and thought I was leaving teaching for good I left all of my stuff for the new teacher!  Some of my things are with a good friend and she is going to give them back. I decided to go check out some yard sales yesterday to see if I could find anything for my new classroom.  Check out what I found!!!

 All of this (including the chair which I plan to paint :)) was $17.50! My husband says I hit the jackpot and I agree! I think I will go a few more times this summer to see what I can find! Here is another yard sale find from yesterday that is not teaching related:

This was a whopping $2! Isn't she gorgeous?!?

For many of you the end of the year drawing near and I pray you will have energy to get through it but also I hope you enjoy making memories with your class!  Apple on!
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Currently and Sentence Roundup

I am loving Farley's new blog design!  Makes me want an upgrade as well!  Here's March's Currently...enjoy!

listening- It's pretty quiet where we live...down a dirt road you don't get much traffic or noise so I often hear the clock ticking and have the TV on for background noise.
loving- This is my second semester taking quilting.  I didn't realize I would like it so much but I do!  I am starting my second quilt and this is the first block. 
Each block will be different with the same color scheme.  I will learn new skills with each block.  It's fun to have new curriculum every week.
I am also LOVING iFontmaker.  I have been trying out my font making skills and iFontmaker makes it really easy.  I hope to have some fonts up in my store soon.
thinking- I can NOT believe it is March...oh my did that happen.  I have a feeling I'll be saying this every month.  My husband's big 3-0 is coming up in two months.  I think I might have to plan a big party! :)
wanting- My husband and I have a big backyard that needs some major TLC.  We have been looking at pavers and block.  We can't wait to see what the final product will look like!
needing- Pavers and block are expensive!  Hopefully our tax return will help.
?????- Can you guess my question?  Leave me a comment to guess!

Sentence Roundup packet is DONE.  Hope you like it! :)

Have a great week! Apple on!
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Flash Freebie!

*UPDATE- This flash freebie is over. Follow my store and blog for more great freebies and products! :)

I am offering my first flash freebie as a thank you to my followers on Instagram and others who have purchased from my store. This is my most popular phonics slideshow and it's only available for the next hour! So hurry! Click the pic to get yours and make sure to leave me some feedback or a comment!

I'll be back later this weekend with a new product for you.  Apple on!
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five for Friday
Happy Friday! 

I got my "classroom fix" twice this week by helping out two of my best friends.  Their kiddos are so cute and smart! I also got to see the cutest baby...he was my date the other night ;)
Like that paper hat?  Find it here. Follow my friend Chelsie here!

 I reached two milestones this week...50 Instagram followers and 100 products sold from my TpT store.  I owe a BIG thank you to my followers and to those that have purchased from my store!!! Maybe a giveaway or a flash freebie next week??? ;)

I started working on a new product. I had my friend Chelsie try it out in her classroom this week to make sure it's all good for you.  I hope to have it in my TpT store by next Friday!  Be on the lookout for it!

I added all of the handouts from the past year to my Sunday School tab.  I know it isn't that interesting to an elementary school teacher but if you teach Sunday school or know someone that does... you know where to send them for some ideas. #shamelessplug
Annnnnnnnd finally....I am thinking of starting a linky party of my own.  Stay tuned to see what's coming!  

I'll leave you with a quote...which isn't something I usually do but it sums up my the best way possible.

Happy weekend!  Apple on!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards

What do you do with all those sweet Valentine's cards from your students? More often than not, I would find myself collapsed on my classroom floor at the end of Valentine's Day. With all the chaos of heart shaped cookies and the students yelling "thank you" to each other across the room...I had not been able to look at or admire a single card that those sweet little ones had given me.  My cooperating teacher taught me this when I was student teaching.  Take all those adorable little cards...the Transformers, Hello Kitty, and the Disney princess cards and tape them up with a thank you note from you.  I hung mine out in the hall or on the door for at least a week. The kiddos LOVE it.  They love to be recognized and they love that you are proud to show off your cards to the whole school.

And because it's Valentine's Day tomorrow I just want to brag about my Valentine.  I have had some very difficult months lately.  I have been dealing with alot of depression and self-doubt.  More than I've ever dealt with in my life but I am beginning to see the light again.  I am so grateful for a man that knows what I need. He took me on the trip of a lifetime.  He's been helping me with the dishes and countless other things. Can I just say, dang, I love this man!
left: our wedding day in Jan. 2007     right: celebrating our 7th anniversary on our trip

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day with all your little sweeties! Apple on!

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