Monday, March 3, 2014

Currently and Sentence Roundup

I am loving Farley's new blog design!  Makes me want an upgrade as well!  Here's March's Currently...enjoy!

listening- It's pretty quiet where we live...down a dirt road you don't get much traffic or noise so I often hear the clock ticking and have the TV on for background noise.
loving- This is my second semester taking quilting.  I didn't realize I would like it so much but I do!  I am starting my second quilt and this is the first block. 
Each block will be different with the same color scheme.  I will learn new skills with each block.  It's fun to have new curriculum every week.
I am also LOVING iFontmaker.  I have been trying out my font making skills and iFontmaker makes it really easy.  I hope to have some fonts up in my store soon.
thinking- I can NOT believe it is March...oh my did that happen.  I have a feeling I'll be saying this every month.  My husband's big 3-0 is coming up in two months.  I think I might have to plan a big party! :)
wanting- My husband and I have a big backyard that needs some major TLC.  We have been looking at pavers and block.  We can't wait to see what the final product will look like!
needing- Pavers and block are expensive!  Hopefully our tax return will help.
?????- Can you guess my question?  Leave me a comment to guess!

Sentence Roundup packet is DONE.  Hope you like it! :)

Have a great week! Apple on!
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4321Teach said...

This year is flying by! I have yet to find an inexpensive home project, but we are also planning to redo a flower bed and level part of our yard. Dirt is not cheap. I mean come on, it's dirt!
Good luck on your quilt. What a great chance to learn something new!