About Alyse

Hi, I'm Alyse! I grew up in a small town and fell in love with the idea of teaching while pursuing a degree in early childhood education.  I was sitting in my ECE 101 class wondering where my life would take me and this thought struck me like a bolt of lightning! "You need to be a teacher!" The next day I signed up to get my elementary education degree.

I decided to do everything in my life at once (wouldn't change a thing!) and got married to my high school sweetheart while student teaching. We moved to Tucson six months later so the hubster could go to the University of Arizona to become a pharmacist. I taught first grade for six years in Tucson, AZ.  It was my dream job!

When my husband found his dream pharmacy job back in that small town we grew up in...we decided to buy a house and we knew it was time for me to stay home and we could start a family.

We're still waiting for the babies to come but for now I want to help YOU!  I now have the time to make resources and research ideas (such as easy work night recipes or anything common core) for all you hard working teachers out there! I hope you enjoy this blog and that it helps you in some way!  Apple on!


Our Wedding Day

Dozer's first time in the snow!

Hubby's graduation!

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Tammy said...

I love first grade too! I am a new follower.