Friday, March 15, 2013

Equal Eggs and Science (again...but exciting news!)

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I call these Equal Eggs. It has felt like holiday after holiday after holiday over here!  Groundhog day, President's Day, Rodeo, Dr. Seuss' birthday, St. Patrick's Day, Easter...all in about five students love having any worksheet/ activity that is related to a holiday or special event!

I have some more science you may remember from my past post (here) our science fair project went to the next level and we won second place!  I can't wait to show my class next week!  They will each get their own beautiful ribbon too!

The best part of my week friend had her handsome baby boy!  Aren't brand new babies the best??? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Apple on!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Currently March and Dr. Seuss' (Belated Birthday)

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Oh happy day! It is March...I know it is 5 whole days into March. We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday all last week by reading his books and doing this fun activity with "Green Eggs and Ham." I made my students a treat for the occasion.  I bought vanilla candy coating, melted it and put a green M&M and pretzels (to represent ham). I got the idea from this pin I pinned on Pinterest a while back. Then we wrote about what other green food we do not like!  Here are some samples...first grade translation provided for free :)

"I do not like green chicken. I would not eat it when the dog barks.  I would not eat it in the parks."

"I do not like green meat. I would not eat them on a roof. I would not eat them with a tooth."

"I do not like green pizza. I would not eat it with a bear. I would not eat it in a lair."

I wholeheartedly agree with that last one!  Who wants to eat with a bear?!?  Too cute and they had so much fun!  Happy belated birthday Dr. Seuss!  Apple on everyone!