Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rodeo, Dr. Seuss, and Science Project (update)

This past week we had rodeo is like having Thanksgiving in February!  The kiddos and I went to school Monday to Wednesday and then we get Thursday and Friday off...for the rodeo of course (shhh! I've never been to the rodeo!)

 Wednesday was something else!  Let me tell you...I had one puker (he didn't make it to the trash can) and then shortly after I had another (he did make it to the trash can).  The morning was slow and kids were leaving school left and right.  At lunchtime it was sunny and fifty minutes started snowing and in southern AZ that is a BIG deal!  Here is a picture of our playground.

I did take the kiddos out...who wouldn't...they were beyond ecstatic!  I am pretty sure none of them had ever seen snow falling!

 Dr. Seuss' birthday is on Saturday!   We have been celebrating all week by reading his books and learning about him. On Friday we are going to do this fun activity...I am sooooo excited for it and can't wait to show you the results!

These are the books we are reading.  Check out how they are laid on the table...nope not me...the kiddos did it.  Aren't they sweet?  It is apparent to me that they respect Dr. Seuss very much :)

Here is my science project update.....we won FIRST place just like I hoped (here)...and the project is going up to the next level and will be presented at the SARSEF (Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair).  I am super excited for my kiddos!  They were aksing me if any of my classes had ever won first place and I said, "Nope!  You are the first and you did such as awesome job!"  They were beaming!  I love my class this year!

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!  Apple on everyone!

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