Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards

What do you do with all those sweet Valentine's cards from your students? More often than not, I would find myself collapsed on my classroom floor at the end of Valentine's Day. With all the chaos of heart shaped cookies and the students yelling "thank you" to each other across the room...I had not been able to look at or admire a single card that those sweet little ones had given me.  My cooperating teacher taught me this when I was student teaching.  Take all those adorable little cards...the Transformers, Hello Kitty, and the Disney princess cards and tape them up with a thank you note from you.  I hung mine out in the hall or on the door for at least a week. The kiddos LOVE it.  They love to be recognized and they love that you are proud to show off your cards to the whole school.

And because it's Valentine's Day tomorrow I just want to brag about my Valentine.  I have had some very difficult months lately.  I have been dealing with alot of depression and self-doubt.  More than I've ever dealt with in my life but I am beginning to see the light again.  I am so grateful for a man that knows what I need. He took me on the trip of a lifetime.  He's been helping me with the dishes and countless other things. Can I just say, dang, I love this man!
left: our wedding day in Jan. 2007     right: celebrating our 7th anniversary on our trip

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day with all your little sweeties! Apple on!

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