Saturday, February 1, 2014

February (really?!?) Currently

I love to start my month off right with Farley's Currently!  You should too! 

Listening- It is a brisk Saturday morning.  We had some rain overnight and the birds are out and about enjoying the first sunlight coming through.
Loving- While I love vacation time it is also nice to just be home together on a Saturday.
Thinking- I woke up thinking...oh my's February!  I can't believe that January flew by so so fast!
Wanting- Since I am retired I have been trying to find a routine that I can stick to.  It's hard to do for some reason and I feel reallly lazy most of the time which makes me feel awful about myself so it's just a nasty cycle that I am ready to bid farewell to.
Needing- I still have suticases semi-unpacked in the bedroom from our cruise.
2 truths and a fib- 1. Yes!  I hated taking classes with my hubby in college (we weren't married yet).  He was a suck up and I hated that it worked out for him all the time!
2. No! Here's me trying escargot and my reaction to it...

3. Yes! I have always wanted a large family and at this rate I might as well have multiples to make our family grow faster!  

Happy weekend and apple on everyone!
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Amanda Madden said...

Haha! Love your truths and fib. I guessed it correctly. I think it was the multiple exclamation marks that made me think you were trying to convince me. :) I give you props for trying escargot....I couldn't even do that! :(

Teaching Maddeness

Jen said... go girl! I didn't figure you actually found it tasty. I also want a large family and would love at least one set of multiples! One day we shall see :)