Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Take Me Back Tuesday

 Hey everyone! I thought I'd try a little "Take Me Back Tuesday" (idea from Second Grade Shenanigans) to give you ideas for an enlightening science lesson and Valentine's Day. Enjoy! (psssttt...freebie at the end)
Originally posted ---Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Every year we have the science fair.  It seems to be the only time that I am able to fit in a genuine complete scientific type lesson.  The kids LOVE it!  This year we wondered about chips and if they are healthy for us.  I  gathered some of their favorite kinds of chips and one that I knew wouldn't be as greasy just to balance out their oh-so-healthy choices. We crushed the chips and put some on one inch graph paper for a week.  The paper absorbed the oil and we counted the squares to see which chip has the most.  Let me tell you...the chips have been off the papers for half a week and the oil is STILL spreading!  Grossness! The finished project will be placed in the hallway tomorrow...I secretly would like to win first place.  That would be awesome for my class!  When we were wrapping up our project one of my students was very distraught.  I asked him what was wrong and he was just holding his head in his hands and groaning.  He said, "But Cheetos are so good! I don't want to eat healthy chips!"


Valentine's day is coming!  Are you ready?  I tell my hubby that I would rather spend time with him than anything else and I surely don't need any more candy because I get TONS from my students!  Do you get loads of candy from your students?  I don't know how they figured out how much I like chocolate and sugary stuff!  I am giving my kiddos a heart shaped crayon and a book (it is also Love of Reading week).

 I hope the rest of your week is great!  Apple on!
There ya go!  And I have a freebie for you...the student observation recording sheets and the sheets to place the crushed chips on...the ones that get all oily...ewww!  Go and grab yours here.  Thanks for reading!  Apple on!
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