Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Like a Kid on Christmas Eve...

Like many of you out there I can't even express with words what I have been feeling lately.  I can express what I believe.  Those who lost their lives are with our Heavenly Father.  They are safe and happy and they will see their families again someday.
I am not sure of the original source of this picture.  Since Friday it has gone viral and I can't find the source.

I woke up Saturday morning with a heavy heart and also a fever.  I haven't been able to see my babes this week due to strep.  The first medication I took hasn't worked but the doctor prescribed something else and I am REALLY hoping to be able to be well enough and not contagious by tomorrow night.  That would mean I could see my kiddos on their last day before break.  Tomorrow night will be like Christmas Eve for me!  I am crossing my fingers, eyes, and toes and praying that this med will kick this strep's butt.

As promised possibly two weeks ago...sorry :(  I better not make any more promises!  I have added my Magic/ Bossy/ Silent E packet and powerpoint to my TpT store.  Check it out HERE.  When I teach bossy E I use this apron and the kids get to help with the powerpoint by wearing the apron and using the pointer that I use.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  They love being bossy to that other vowel!  They shake their fingers and say, "Bossy e makes the vowel say its name!"

Penicillin on...I mean...apple on!!!

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