Monday, October 7, 2013

Apple On is Back!

Hello!  I'm back!  It's been a while but I have been so busy getting adjusted to all the new in my life.  The hubster and I moved into our new home in early July and I am LOVING it. After spending all of our married life in rentals it is so different and fun to call something your own and be able to make it your own!

The last days of school with my class in May were awesome.  We had alot of moments that I will never forget and I shed alot of tears but felt like I left things just exactly as I wanted to.

Since May I have been trying to figure out what my new calling in life should be and what I should make of this blog but for now I have been getting my "classroom fix"  by helping out some of my favorite dad and Chelsie from To Second Grade, With Love! She is new to the blogging world and is doing and AMAZING job! {Hi Chelsie! Give that baby boy of your a cuddle for me!}

Dad and Me
Me and Chelsie

Another thing that I've been doing is teaching Sunday school. It has definitely been a challenge for me but it is also a big blessing!  Here are some of the handouts I have made for my class of 13-14 year old kids (I know...absolutely terrifying coming from 6-7 year old kids).

Free printable found at SugarDoodle

Scriptures made out of Hershey's Nuggets...idea found here!

Welp...that's just a little bit of what's been going on with me. I am happy to be back and ready to help you! I will be back soon with a contest or giveaway of some sort. As a thank you for sticking with me I have a little freebie for you! Click the picture below to get your copy of fall context clues! 

Thanks for reading! Apple on!

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