Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bulletin Boards- TBA's Open House Week

When I linked up with TBA and knew I would have to post about my bulletin boards my reaction was...uh-oh.  When it comes to bulletin boards...I'm not so good at them.  I always have ideas that I want to use but I never have the time to actually use those ideas!  I always have a bulletin board at the beginning of the school year so I thought I would post pictures of my back to school bulletin boards from all 6 years (so far) of teaching.

 1st year of dull...boring...blah

2nd year...a little better...those dang popcorn kernels were a pain to cut though!

3rd enter the silhouette digital craft cutter from of the best Christmas presents a teacher could ever receive! My QuicKutz machine cut the stars and the letters.  Isn't that awesome?! The border around this one was created by my students and I have done this activity every year since.  Each kiddo gets one strip of manila card stock about 3x12 or 3x9 depending on the amount of room I had.  They write their name HUGE and decorate it however they want.  This border stays up all year.

4th year...hmmm...can't find the picture but I think it was similar to my 3rd year.

5th year...more help from my QuicKutz craft cutter and the owls are by Carson Dellosa! The student created border had not yet been made.

6th year...added another tree to have more space for more kiddos.  The student created border had not yet been made.

One of my favorite bulletin boards isn't actually a board at all!  At the end of the year we study the lives of the Ancient Romans.  The students are given a take home project for homework where they create an Ancient Roman shield.   The parents and the kids really get into this.  We have a feast and go all out for the end of the year.  Here are some pictures of some shields that the kids have made for the past two years.

Aren't those awesome?  I love how they really get into project based learning.

ONNNNEEEEE more for the road.  Last year we decorated our door for Love of Reading week.  Each kid made a pocket and answered a question about the story on their traced out hands.  We won first place with this door!  Do you have door decorating contests at your school?

Have a good's almost the weekend! Head back tomorrow for some freebies!  Apple on!