Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Failure and a TPT Update

Time has totally flown by the past week...I have been soooo busy and have barely checked my blog or blog stalked like I usually do!  I wanted to just check in and give a quick update.

I am disappointed as of late...I wasted alot of time working on this...my plan to have my students look for sight words in a bottle rice completely and utterly FAILED.  I don't know if the sight words were too big or if the lamination kept them stuck together but after rolling and shaking the bottle for quite a while I couldn't even see one sight word.  So if anyone out there has any ideas for beautiful rice send them my way...I'd love a new idea!

Next, I want to share some pictures of my new student center in my classroom.  I LOVE the way it turned out.   It may not be pretty looking but it sure is functional. My students can get paper, erasers, writing mats, sharpened pencils, and colored pencils.  Also they put taken away toys, notes to the teacher, broken pencils, eagles (school incentive), box tops, and their backpacks all in this area. It is awesome!

Finally...and not so disappointing...I have updated one of my free products in my TPT store.  If you loved the first monster bag face there are now more funny faces to enjoy!

Click here!

Apple on!

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