Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reading Centers

I love using reading centers for guided reading group time and also when students have finished their other reading work.  I saw an idea for sight word bottles (with the sight words hidden in rice) on Pinterest from this blog.  She has so many fun activities that she does with her daughters.  What a rockin' mama she is!

I have dyed rice before with food coloring and rubbing alcohol but when I started to look up recipes I found one here that uses Kool Aid, some hot water, rice, and a little extra food coloring.  They also provided step by step directions (always a bonus :). I love how intense and bright the colors are.  The only thing is that the rice I used was stinky...it smelled like sulfur and whatever flavor of Kool Aid mixed. YUCK!  When the rice dries it just smells like the Kool Aid though.

1. Dissolve one packet of Kool Aid in a little hot water (less or about equal to 1/4 cup I would say)
2. Pour into a plastic bag with two cups of dry white rice
4. Lay the rice out on wax paper to dry

The rice is all dry now...it didn't take as long as I thought!  I have been saving water bottles to put the rice in with the sight words that we use.  I will attach a laminated list of the sight words to the water bottle somehow (haven't figured that one out yet) and the students will find the sight words in the rice and cross them out as they find them.

Another center that I made can be used for a variety of activities throughout the year.  Currently the monsters only like words with short vowels!  I created a monster face, laminated, and cut the mouths and then cut a hole in a regular brown lunch sack.  The students can chose to drop the cards in the monster mouth or in the top of the bag.  They really enjoy it!  I have put the monster faces in my TPT store for free!

Apple on!

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Bethany Jameson said...

Instead of attaching the words to the bottle, you could mark the lids in different ways and add that mark to a sheet of words that can be found. For instance I marked each of the tops with different shapes (that also happen to be different colors). I am doing a similar idea (not because of Pinterest but because of my awesome dad!) I put objects in my bottles, and then going to make a bingo board, check list, or whatever kind of board I want in which my students can just find pictures, or once they find a picture have to read a corresponding word, or complete a corresponding math problem.