Monday, September 3, 2012

TBA's Meet the Teacher Monday

I am new to the teacher blogging of the first things I did was ask my fellow Facebook friends what blogs I could stalk follow. The second thing I did was start Google-ING left and right (I had to write Google-ING like is not yet an actual word...although it should be).  Whilst Google-ING I came across Teaching Blog Addict.  What a wonderful site to find fellow bloggers!  This week I am linking up for "Open House Week."

My name is Alyse.  I really do love apples...hence the name of my blog.  I even have my kitchen decorated with apples!  This is my sixth year teaching first grade.  It's all I have ever taught and I love it!  Even more than teaching I love my husband and my pets.  My husband is one of the smartest people I've ever known.  He is also soooo sarcastic which I love. We love to visit the small rural town where we grew up and hope to move back there someday to be closer to our family and to raise our own kids there (when we have them that is :).

My teaching style is very strict at the beginning of the year.  It is very black and white...matter of fact....guess you'd better think about that before you do it again!  As the year goes on and as I get to know my students (and they get to know me) we become more of a family with the learning, love, and of course the bickering that goes right along with it.  I am also very structured and organized and I require my students to become that way.  It takes a while for some kids to get organized but I notice a big difference once they get there!

Apple on!

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