Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Freebie

I talked about a digraph power point earlier in the week but these assessments that I am giving my kiddos have just about knocked me out.  I hope to get it up and running soon!  For now...I have a freebie for you to enjoy!

Brought to you with the help of Teaching Blog Addict! 

Freebie Fridays

Do your students need to practice place value for the numbers 1 to 30?   This week's freebie will help them do just that!  These game cards feature a target number for your students to bundle to.  For each pair of students you will need 30 sticks, 3 rubber bands, target number cards (#10 to #30), and one die (I hate saying it like this...anyone else agree?!).

Directions for Target Number Bundling Game Cards

1. Turn over a target number card

2. One partner rolls the die and pulls out that number of sticks (or whatever object that can be bundled)

3. Then the next partner rolls the die and pull out that number of sticks

4. The game continues until the partners reach the target number together

NOTE: As the number of sticks piles up encourage the students to make a bundle or a group of ten (while also having left over ones) and describe the numbers to each other...I tell my students to say "We made 14 that is 1 group of ten and 4 ones."

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone! Apple on!

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