Friday, October 18, 2013

Giveaway (still happening!), TBA Freebie and Green Chili

I am having my first giveaway this week!  
I am giving away a custom classroom sign. 

winner will be announced next Thursday!

For this week's TBA freebie Friday I have comparing number symbol cards.  I am working on a powerpoint/ worksheet combo about comparing numbers that will be up in my TPT store soon but please enjoy this freebie until then!

 Last Friday I told you how to make and can Apple Butter {here}. My aunt also taught me how to can green chili.  We were able to have our green chilies roasted by the friendly guys at a local stand. I have been using these green chilies daily!

Probably my favorite way to devour one is to stuff it with cheese and pan fry it. It is also amazing alongside a fried egg...think chili relleno. Yum!

When I was thinking about what to make for dinner the other night I knew I wanted to use some green chilies but I didn't really have a recipe on hand. So I threw some ingredients together and made soup and it ended up being pretty dang good!

Want a copy? Click on the recipe name below :)

Apple on my friends!


Sandy Welch said...

I am sooo excited you came to visit my blog! Yours is really great and I'm now feeling very hungry! That chile relleno looks tasty! I'm happy you found me on Teachers Blog Addict but could you tell me where exactly? I'm so excited but I know nothing about that site!!!

AlyseC said...

Hi Sandy! Thanks for visiting. I may have been mistaken about seeing your blog on TBA. I think I saw you comment on A Teeny Tiny Teacher's blog while blog hopping and that's how I found you! I looked at so many the other day I'm not really sure! TBA is where alot of teacher bloggers link up their blogs and also where you can find freebies! It's awesome!