Monday, October 28, 2013

My Truth Monday

My hubby and I made it through a fun bachelor/ bachlorette filled weekend. We are both a part of the wedding which is in less than two weeks and we are thrilled to see two of our best friends get married. My friend loved her wedding signs which made me so happy that I was able to help her.  Speaking of signs...I have been working on the one for my custom sign can't wait to show you all later this week! 

I love linking up and finding things in common with other bloggers out there.


So today I found My Truth Mondays over at Sunny Days in Second Grade. It's perfect for Halloween!

The last one is kind of funny considering where we are now...our home is kind of secluded and we have a really big, tree covered backyard.  I totally forgot how dark it gets out here compared to the city of Tucson. I just make my husband or dog go with me and I only half way run back inside rather than a full on sprint.

My obsession with green chiles has continued and I found a Chile Rellenos Casserole recipe that you should definitely try! I have been able to try lots of new recipes.  There are tons out there that I wish I had known when I had been teaching.  It would have saved us so much money.  I was always so worn out that I didn't always put in the effort to cook but I've found recipes that take 30 minutes to make and I want to share them with you! 

These are the ingredients I used and the directions and amounts can be found at Hello Homebody. My husband and I both agreed that this casserole would also be amazing with sausage!
 Happy Monday!  Go and link up with Sunny Days!  Apple on!


Sailing into Second said...

I'm super afraid of the dark too!!! :(

Lindsay Topolewski said...

I totally agree with the being in the dark...I definitely think it's our imaginations and probably all those SVU episodes or Revolution episodes...found your blog through Truth Share with Creepy thing this week

AlyseC said...

Yes! I try not to watch them at night or when I'm alone!

AlyseC said...


BTW I'm following your blog! :)