Monday, November 18, 2013

My Truth Monday

Over at "Sunny Days in Second Grade" I read about Denise's holiday disasters...and now whenever I think about sweet potatoes I'll be thinking about her story.  Hilarious!

For my holiday disaster...I don't recall the holiday but I do recall we were at my mother in law's house and the kids in the family were making dinner for the parents.  I was making some packaged potato au gratin...not hard to do...just follow the directions.  Well it turned out really watery but it tasted fine until...I went to season it with a little pepper. The lid popped off and the entire contents of the pepper shaker dumped into the potatoes. Well my husband's family was so nice and ate them anyway but I did notice them stifle a few coughs from eating all that pepper. So that's my holiday food disaster...what's yours?  Can't wait to hear it!

I updated one of my TPT products and added a new one this past weekend. Click on the pics below to check them out. You can see some other updates that I mentioned Friday here.

Chevron background from - Graphics from the Pond
Fonts from - Mrs. Leeby

Frame from - The 3am Teacher
Fonts from - Mrs. Leeby and Kevin and Amanda
Thanks for reading!  Apple on!

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