Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Funny, Short Vowels, and a Bulletin Board

I love sharing my first grader's funny is one from the other day.

S1: "Mrs. mom is pregnant she just found out last night. She took a test."
Me: "That's exciting."
S2: "You mean the kind of test you put in your mouth?"
S1: Stares at S2 and then looks at me
Me: shaking my head no at S1

Student 1 and I seemed to have an understanding that not everyone needs to know how a pregnancy test is taken.  I laughed inside while I was shaking my head.

Well here are some short vowel things I have been working on as I promised! First I have these great Short Vowel Fluency Pages.  I use these pages at the beginning of the school year A LOT.  Here are some ideas...use them to make classroom posters of each vowel as we review/ learn them, use them as an assessment, use them for a reading center (refer to this post), or use them to have your students practice their short vowel fluency. 

Click the picture to get your Short Vowel Fluency Pages!

 Next I have a Blending Words with Short Vowels  power point that includes 10 words for each short vowel and 5 sentences for each short vowel as well...that's 75 total slides!  The red counters move up one at a time at the press of a button.  You can choose the speed that you want your students to say each sound.  Then the arrow shoots across to let the students know when to put the sounds together as a word!  My walk to read class has really benefited from using this daily.

Click either picture to get your Blending Words with Short Vowels!

Finally I wanted to share my new bulletin board that I have to show off my students work. I dyed clothespins for a little over a day in some food coloring, vinegar, and water.  After they were dry I hot glued tacks to the back and wall-LA!  Now I have clips for all my students work and I won't need to use a stapler!  I do have to warn you to make sure you measure out a 13X13 square for every clip to hang at the top of.  If you don't your student's papers won't fit both directions and also you might have to go to the art room and measure out more paper and move your border after you have already put it up...irritating I tell you.  I plan to pin the objectives associated with our work on the star clip in the top right corner.

Apple on!  Back to work tomorrow!  I love Mondays!

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