Monday, November 11, 2013

My Truth Monday

I want to start with saying how grateful I am for the Veterans of this country. I believe that this nation and all the freedoms we enjoy are blessings from our Heavenly Father! I am awed and humbled by the brave men and women who have fought and the ones who will continue to protect the United States of America. Happy Veteran's Day!

I'm linking up with "Sunny Days in Second Grade" to tell you about my celebrity crush!

Now it's your turn!  Who's your celebrity crush?  Apple on!


Tamara Russell said...

I love Johnny, too! :) The very first movie I ever saw in the theater 'unchaperoned' was Edward Scissorhands! :) I went with another friend from school. It was her first time going to the movies 'sans parents' too! ;) We were SO excited! :) It was a great movie! :) I've seen almost all of his films and every time he's on screen I know it's going to be a GREAT movie!! :)
Thanks for sharing your crush! :)
I think the world of him TOO! :)

AlyseC said...

What an awesome memory you have! Johnny is a very humble man...yet another reason I think he's awesome. Thanks for stopping by!